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May 2018
Imitating Jesus in “Smaller Ways”

Christian author Kelly Balarie posted an interesting blog about imitating Christ that I wanted to share with you. I haven’t read any of her books, so I can’t recommend them personally. However, she is published by a very reputable Christian book house (Baker), which has taken far too much of my money over the years! That said, she writes, “When I think of imitating Christ … I consider how to break it up in smaller ways … Small things – I can do.” She then goes on to suggest 20 ways that......

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Three Versions of Prayer
March 01, 2018

Three Versions of Prayer

Consider with me these three versions of prayer: the seeker’s prayer, the soldier’s prayer and the sufferer’s prayer. The Seeker’s Prayers The seeker’s most critical prayer is the sinner’s prayer. It is the prayer that...