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Oct 2018
The Blood That Delivered Us, and Keeps Delivering Us

In Micah 6, the Lord calls upon the mountains and the hills to witness His accusation against His people. Why have they been so unfaithful? Why have they abandoned Him for other gods, for idols? Why have they walked away from His love? The Lord has an indictment to bring! But, despite their unfaithfulness, He still calls them, “my people.” Through a series of questions, He asks them to consider their ways. Hear what the Lord says: Arise, plead your case before the mountains, and let the hills hear your voice.  ......

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Choose Love
May 14, 2018

Choose Love

Power and love are both highly sought-after entities, but we don’t often consider how they relate to one another. Tony Campolo, professor emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University, has shared some interesting thoughts on this...