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Jun 2019
The ‘Greatest’ Doubter Who Ever Lived?

John the Baptist is clearly among the most remarkable people who have ever lived.  He was Jesus’ forerunner, preparing the sinners to repent and receive their Messiah. John’s portrait of John the Baptist is quite different from that of the other three gospel writers. We don’t read about how he dressed or what he ate in the Gospel of John. We don’t find him calling folks to repentance or hear him explicitly declaring that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” in John. These are all true things, but they’d already been......

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Does Less = More?
May 06, 2019

Does Less = More?

We all know the feeling. We’re driving down the road and a red ‘dummy’ light illuminates the dashboard. It looks like a child’s drawing of an engine. Fun! So, you call your mechanic; ‘Bring it...

Resurrection Sunday
April 21, 2019

Resurrection Sunday

HE IS RISEN! “Why do you seek the living among the dead?                                              ...

April 20, 2019

Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday. Our Lord’s body is in the tomb, but His soul is in the realm of the dead making a victorious proclamation. At last the saved dead – waiting since Adam –...

Good Friday
April 19, 2019

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday – an exhausting day. While we remember it as the day that our Lord was crucified, it’s important to remember that the Jews reckoned the beginning of a new day at...

Maundy Thursday
April 18, 2019

Maundy Thursday

Today, Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of the Triduum or the “three days.” Earlier this same day the Lord Jesus had instructed His disciples to prepare for what would be a distressing and holy meal,...



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