The Marginal-Wise: A Resource for Divine Wisdom

The Marginal-Wise: A Resource for Divine Wisdom

1. Consider and discuss the ways you interact with those in your “small city” when problems threaten to invade and disrupt the peace. Who’s voices or opinions dominate the discussion and what worldview do they generally promote? If the worldview is hostile towards a Biblical approach, do you find yourself marginalized or are there others that support your viewpoint?

2. If you find your Biblically inspired values are disregarded in your home, workplace or other social environment, what are some alternative or creative ways you can communicate or illustrate that Godly values deserve a place at the table? For instance, dealing with workplace gossip, envy, respect for authority, pride and selfish ambition. Are racial or unpopular political issues a source of tension in your “city” and what wisdom can you employ to reduce or even eliminate it?

3. Read James 1:23,24 and discuss the relevance of that passage in your walk with the Lord. Why do you soon forget what God has shown you and what steps might you put into practice to hold on to the reflection longer?

4. How do you approach the Lord’s Table? What emotions or thoughts fill your mind as you participate? Is it more of a ritual to you and why do you feel that way?