Discussion Points from Sunday’s Sermon

Discussion Points from Sunday’s Sermon

The Downfall of the Domestically Devoted (05/01/22)

Scripture references: James 2:21-23; 2 Peter 2:6-8; Genesis 18 & 19; Ezekiel 16:49,50.

  1. How do you resolve the tension between Lot’s choices written in the Genesis record of his life with the “righteous man” classification given of him in 2 Peter 2? How is the “righteousness” classification justifiable for any Old Testament character?
  2. While fleeing Sodom, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. It was stated that she was “transformed into part of the landscape she was so attached to.” Where do you see the church today as part of the landscape? Where are you in the landscape? Are you in it or apart from it?
  3. Sodom and Gomorrah were judged for the sins of perverse immorality, pride and exploitation of the poor and needy. One could say Lot was guilty by association for being a citizen unresponsive to these wicked deeds. What wicked deeds exist in your world that God is calling you to bring conviction, light and hope to.
  4. Domestic devotion was the term used to describe the worldly behavior of Lot as seen in Genesis 19. We considered nine characteristics of a domestically devoted person (listed in the bullet points below). What does the Holy Spirit call to mind as you reflect on each one? What instruction does the word of God provide to address these potential downfalls we may encounter along our path of personal discipleship?

Domestic devotion…

  • Makes us less desirable to be around (Genesis 19:1,2).
  • Allows you to believe your status or position earns you a measure of respect and entitlement (19:3-8).
  • Fools you into thinking that unbelievers will heed your advice or treat you differently because you promote or appear to possess a higher standard of values (19:9).
  • Will blind you to the danger you need to be delivered from (19:10,11)
  • Will discredit your message so you won’t be taken seriously (19:12-14).
  • Holds you captive in self-deception where you don’t take God seriously (19:15,16).
  • Injects fear wherever faith should rule (19:17-22).
  • Practiced over time will influence, infect and possibly destroy the life of those closest to us (19:23-26).
  • Will inevitably be imitated by those we have the most influence over (19:30-38).

5) With only minutes remaining before their departure, the angel asked Lot, “Have you anyone else here?” Lot had to accept the fact that for all his life’s investment and devotion to the city of Sodom, not one single soul would be spared because of his spiritual influence or investment in them. Where do you have spiritual influence? With whom are you making a spiritual investment?