What Do We Remember

What Do We Remember

As we read 1 Cor 11:23-26 we notice what our Lord said, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

What is it we are to remember?   Could it be the incarnation?  That God took upon flesh?  That He inhabited a body like ours, frail weak and destined for the grave? 

Or could it be that He came from glory into this, comparatively speaking, pigpen of a place called earth.  An earth, which He created so beautiful and perfect but now, is polluted with sin and death.  He leaves glory to live here for 30+ years. 

Or could it be that in His humbled state as a human, He chose to live as a servant? Imagine coming from a place where all of your surrounding creation is worshiping you, serving you at your beck and call. But now, most of your creation is mocking you.  Slandering you.  But He comes and serves them with unfathomable humility. 

Or are we to remember how he modeled for us how to live?  Teaching us what it means to live by faith.  What it means to follow the Spirit.  Modeling for us what a real Christian looks like.  Showing us how important prayer is for a godly life.  The joy we can have in living for our God with unquestionable devotion.

Or are we to remember how He showed us how to die?  How we are to be unyielding in our purpose regardless of any and all adversity that comes our way, even death.

Or are we to remember why He died?  He died for you and me.  He died for a people who don’t even give Him a second thought.  He died for a people who would cast Him aside when He becomes the slightest inconvenience to them.  He died for a people who would mock Him, slander Him, betray Him and even use Him for his or her own gain. 

He died so we, depraved humanity, can have a relationship with Him.  Think about it; God wants to speak to us.  He wants to be involved in our lives.  He wants to use us to reveal to the world His love.  He wants us to experience heavenly blessings now.


To Consider …

  • What do you think about during communion?
  • Do you think about how much He loves you?
  • Are you overwhelmed by His faithfulness toward you?
  • Do you ask yourself, who am I that He is mindful of me?
  • Are you reminded of why He deserves our worship?

“For as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of Me.”



  1. I know there are supposed to be no tears in heaven, but I wonder if there is an exception for happy tears. I can just imagine our Father and His Son and all of His elect gathered in a tight embrace crying our eyes out in relief that it’s finally over…that the Cross was endured…the shame was endured…the separation was endured…our sins were finally conquered and we finally all made it home.

  2. Thank you for this blog Pastor Martel. On communion Sunday when we are asked to quiet our hearts and confess our sins.What better time to then remember ALL that He did and does for me in my daily life. Praise God

  3. Yes, dear hubby, I do think of how much He loves me, and I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness to me and all that He has blessed me with.

    I think about our brothers & sisters who would love to partake of the Table and can’t because they are imprisoned or persecuted, of those who can’t make it to church to participate because they are sick or infirmed, for those who don’t participate because of past hurts. It breaks my heart.

    But more than anything, every time we come to the table I am totally in awe and I wonder: “Who am I that He is mindful of me?” I’m SO very thankful that I have been chosen by Him and He delights in me. He allows me to come before His throne and sing His praises, bring my petitions, pour out my heart, weep with and for those who weep; celebrate with those who are joyful, and intercede for those who need it, and that He has placed us in a community of brothers and sisters who are like-minded and seek to know Him and please Him with all of our being.

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