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Mar 2018
Sojourns in Solitude: The Sound of a Gentle Blowing

Jesus often retreated to a quiet place alone to talk with His Father. As His disciples, we need to do the same. The desert is the best place to evaluate our walk with Him – and to consider our wins and losses. It’s a place for reflection. When the disciples returned from their brief missionary journey, they “gathered together with Jesus and they reported to Him all that they had done and taught.” And what was the first thing Jesus said to them? He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to......

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Three Versions of Prayer
March 01, 2018

Three Versions of Prayer

Consider with me these three versions of prayer: the seeker’s prayer, the soldier’s prayer and the sufferer’s prayer. The Seeker’s Prayers The seeker’s most critical prayer is the sinner’s prayer. It is the prayer that...

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April 2018
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March 2018
Posted at: 29 Mar 2018
Maundy Thursday

Today, Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of the Triduum or the “three days.” Earlier this same day the Lord Jesus had instructed His disciples to prepare for what would be a distressing and holy meal,...

March 2018
Posted at: 28 Mar 2018
Holy Wednesday

Today is Holy Wednesday (reckoned from Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening). There is no mention in Scripture of what Jesus did on the Wednesday of His final week. This day has often been called “Spy...

Posted at: 27 Mar 2018
Holy Tuesday

Today is Holy Tuesday (actually reckoned from Monday evening to Tuesday evening). Holy Tuesday was a day of conflict and a day of teaching for our Lord. It was VERY busy! According to Matthew, Mark...

Posted at: 26 Mar 2018
Holy Monday

Today is Holy Monday. The events of this Week are at the very heart of our faith. Of course, there are the three astonishing spheres of opposition that our Lord would face: (1) satanic opposition at...

March 2018
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